Mealtime Monday – Medovik

medovik russian honey cake

I have stopped for afternoon cake before (like here in Turkey), and find it an especially appealing option when the weather makes walking outside too unpleasant.  When I was in Perm, Russia, this summer it rained non-stop for my entire visit.  There’s not much to do in Perm other than walk around the city center (and maybe head out to the Gulag Museum, if you can find some other people to join you) so I wandered aimlessly in the rain for a few days, stopping every now and then for healthy, Indian-inspired vegetarian food at one restaurant… followed by cake at another!  I actually think I may have opted for medovik (a soft, creamy, multi-layered honey cake popular all across Russia) both times, as medovik is such a traditionally Russian treat and it’s so different from what we can get in my home country.  What is the most delicious cake you’ve tried in your travels?


One response to “Mealtime Monday – Medovik

  1. Afternoon cake is the absolute best in fall and winter. I do not know about you, but I do not tend to have so much of a sweet tooth in summer and spring but as soon as fall hits, I want to eat all the warm sweet things! This piece of cake looks so amazing – never sen something with so many thin layers like that before. Hope you had a good time wandering around despite the rain and that Indian-inspired dinner sounds amazing!

    Rae of Love from Berlin

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