Mealtime Monday – Cake and Coffee in Sarajevo

Cake and Coffee in Sarajevo

I don’t want you guys thinking that all I do is eat cake and drink coffee, but it’s starting to feel like that, no?  In fact, when I posted last week’s entry about sneaking out of the rain for a slice of medovik in Perm, Russia, I thought I could link back to this photo, taken a few years earlier in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  I couldn’t find the link, though, and I realized that it was because I’d never shared this photo of the cake and coffee I enjoyed at a beautiful, traditional bakery cafe on Sarajevo’s main pedestrian street (Ferhadija). They had an amazing assortment of cakes available by the slice, and tiny metal tables lined the cafe’s outside walls so that you could sit, sip, eat and people-watch as the crowds passed your table.  I happened to be there during Ramadan, so the city was especially vibrant; for my recommendations about where to go and what to do during a visit at any time of year check out Destination: Sarajevo.


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