WPC – Using Squat Toilets


Ah, yes… the “hole in the floor” toilets, also known as the squat toilets.  Female travelers know them well.  I actually once did some contract work in an office in Italy where the only toilet was also of this variety.  Considering how many “how to” guides exist online, explaining how to use these toilets, I know I’m not the only one who experiences a big “oops!” when she realizes that she forgot to pee in the comfort of her Westernized hotel room.  I read one online guide to using squat toilets that suggests removing one’s pants entirely, while another recommends simply rolling them up to the knees, and a third recommended carrying a day pack with an extra pair of pants in case you pee all over yourself!  Add to the mess the fact that you typically have to have your own toilet paper and there is an entire extra layer of preparedness that is new to many female travelers.  There’s no easy way to use these squat toilets (especially when you encounter them infrequently), but rest assured that you’re not the only woman out there going “oops!” when you walk into the stall and find one!



2 responses to “WPC – Using Squat Toilets

  1. Oh my.. the amount of times I had encountered these in India.. I used to hate going to the toilet. And I always carried a pack of tissues with me so I’d be prepared. I actually did get the hang of it at one point.

  2. Natalie Hummel

    What you need to buy is a shewee. It will solve your hole in the ground toilet logistical concerns. 🙂

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