The Only Beauty Product You Should Spend Your Christmas Money On

baiden mitten

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart… And by “you”, I mean Baiden Mitten.  Tired of exfoliating gloves, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, Korean towels, microbeads, apricot kernals, loofahs and whatever other “exfoliating” products were touted as the next big thing, I caved and asked for a Baiden Mitten for Christmas.  It turned out to be a life-changing beauty purchase, and it is undoubtedly the #1 way I would recommend you spend your holiday cash this year!

Unlike other exfoliating cloths, the Baiden Mitten feels very smooth on its surface, and is made of tightly-woven material.  To really get the full effect you absolutely have to start by soaking in a hot tub for upwards of twenty minutes (put a big glass of ice water and your laptop playing your favorite show beside your tub… and don’t add any bubble bath or oil to the water!), and then you simply rub the dampened glove over your skin in long, firm strokes.  You will immediately see layers of dead skin start peeling off, and when you drain your bathtub you will be horrified… and fascinated… by all of the flakes of skin left behind.  I like to moisturize with a gentle, unscented lotion afterwards, and I repeat the process once every week or two.  I wouldn’t necessarily try using the Baiden Mitten on my face (right now I’m into the cult French product A313 for exfoliating my delicate visage) but I love it for my chest, back, legs, arms and torso.  My mitten is still going strong after one year of regular use, and I don’t anticipate having to replace it in the near future either.

So if Santa sent you cash, or an Amazon gift card, and if you want your skin to be smoother than a baby’s bottom, you’ve got to get a Baiden Mitten!


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