Mealtime Monday – The Salad That Turned Me Vegetarian

The Best Salad for a Vegetarian in Barcelona!

I celebrated Christmas in Spain, a country I hadn’t visited since 2005.  Spain will always hold a special place in my heart, as it is the first place I tried to move to on my own (spoiler alert: I failed miserably!) and it is also the place where I became a vegetarian.  One of the things that I credit with turning me into a vegetarian was the salad dressing at a restaurant called Organic, and I was so looking forward to enjoying it again, ten years later.  Sadly, I found that Organic seems to have shut its doors, but in talking to a local I learned that a restaurant called BioCenter offered a similar menu.  Imagine my surprise when I got in line at their expansive salad bar and discovered they were serving the salad dressing!  You can see the vivid yellow salad dressing in the photo above…  On lettuce, on carrots, on cabbage, with tomatoes dipped in it, soaking up the leftovers with whole-grain bread, licking whatever is left right off the plate… This dressing was worth the ten-year wait!


5 responses to “Mealtime Monday – The Salad That Turned Me Vegetarian

  1. OK, so what is it?

  2. So, what is it made of? 🙂

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