Mealtime Monday – Vegetarian Breakfast in Barcelona

Vegetarian Breakfast in Barcelona at The Benedict

This is my second Mealtime Monday post from my most recent holiday in Spain.  Last time I showed off the salad that turned me vegetarian (ten years after I tried it for the first time!) and this time I’m bringing you a surprising find: a vegetarian breakfast in Barcelona, inspired by the classic full English breakfast,  served completely meatless… on Christmas Day!  I had been wandering around the city aimlessly, for hours, as my stomach grumbled, and had little luck finding a new restaurant to try that could accommodate my vegetarian diet.  Most restaurant were serving special set menus for Christmas, and I didn’t see any with a vegetarian option.  I had almost given up and decided to just binge on papas bravas and wine, when I happened to stumble across The Benedict.  They were packed, but I somehow managed to squeeze the best seat in the house (right at the front window) and was so happy to find that they offered a vegetarian interpretation of a full English breakfast, complete with Linda McCartney’s vegan sausages!  In my home country it’s difficult to find a restaurant serving this style of breakfast, so it was super-cool to find it in Spain, vegetarianized!


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