WPC – Celebrating La Paz Day in Bolivia

Street Party in La Paz BoliviaI was surprised by the traffic as my bus descended into La Paz, Bolivia.  It looked to me like it should only take fifteen or twenty minutes to drive down the side of the mountain into the valleyed city center, but we’d been barely moving along the road for hours.  I’d booked my trip there on the spur of the moment, and didn’t realize I was arriving on the day of the city’s biggest and best celebration: La Paz Day.  Each July, on this day, thousands of people descend into the city center to celebrate the city’s independence with parades, music, street food, street drinks, concerts and general merrymaking.  The next morning everything is quiet, and revelers sleep off their jubilant celebrations on sidewalks, in parks, and anywhere else they happened to collapse.  Check the calendar posted on the US Embassy of La Paz’s website to find out when the La Paz Independence Day celebration is taking place, and make sure to book your accommodation well in advance.  You might also want to arrive a day early to avoid the traffic jams on your way into town, and leave at least two days later so that you’ll have a chance to see the city operating normally (nothing is open the next morning!).


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