Hi!  My name is Carly!  I founded Lipgloss and a Backpack to share my love of travel and beauty with the world!

I’m a pretty normal thirty-something working and studying (both full-time!) in Canada.  Before I settled down here I spent my early twenties living and working abroad in Europe and Latin America.  Although I’m no longer living the ex-pat lifestyle I still make travel a priority and have visited about thirty-five different countries over the past ten years.  I usually find myself traveling solo because I like to visit places that aren’t always that popular with mainstream tourists.

about lipgloss and a backpack

When I’m not working, studying or traveling, I’m on the hunt for the latest and greatest in skincare, cosmetics and fragrance.  I love products that use powerful natural ingredients and deliver on their promises, and I’m always happy to share stories of my holy grail (and holy fail!) beauty finds.  About ten years ago I also decided to try out a vegetarian lifestyle, which ended up doing wonders for my health and beauty (and it’s been surprisingly easy to find great vegetarian food all around the world!).

about lipgloss and a backpack

I am always interested in forming mutually beneficial partnerships.  I am  available for interviews and guest posts with the right beauty and travel websites.  I am also available for unbiased reviews if you’ve got a product or experience that will wow me.  Similarly, a limited amount of advertising space may be available on Lipgloss and a Backpack for the right brands.

Send an email to lipglossandabackpack@gmail.com to talk collaboration!


22 responses to “About

  1. Went through your blogs and found them totally amazing and were an interesting read! Your trips must have been very exciting!

  2. Hi Lipgloss and a Backpack, I’m inviting you to submit an entry to wickedforeign.com‘s “Fenestrations” photo contest. Good luck!

  3. Where on Earth

    I really like this blog. I just checked it out and havn’t come across anything else like it. Great idea, and I totally agree. Backpacking isn’t all about the dirty dreads.

  4. I love your blog! Very entertaining and well-thought out. I love your domain name too.

  5. Oh what a great discovery of your blog 🙂 Must be my lucky day! Very nice to meet you!

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  7. I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger award, Well done, Girl! xo http://beautybnk.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/have-you-heard-the-news/

  8. Thanks on the like. Please come again soon and often! Happy Sunday!

  9. Hey there, I like your blog a lot and nominated it for an award! Check out the post here – http://joyfilledwander.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/the-liebster-award-recognizing-new-bloggers/

  10. LOVE the name of your blog!

  11. Hi Carly! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I love travel and I like looking my best and you manage to incorporate both! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award…I see others have as well. You deserve it! Here’s the link about it; http://adventuresoflamari.com/2014/05/08/moving-to-germany-t-23-days-liebster-award/

  12. Thanks for the like on my Time Travel post, Carly. I’m more sunblock & backpack than lipgloss & backpack, but I share your spirit and wish you many happy adventures. Including with tackling Canada Post drivers, aren’t you brave…

  13. Thanks for liking a post on geokult-travel.com. Your blog looks really interesting so am following.

  14. Thanks for checking out my blog – I really like yours! I hope you have a good time in Peru (I’ve been wanting to go ever since I was 12 and still haven’t…), looking forward to your posts on it 🙂

  15. Anna Rose Meeds

    Your blog is fascinating! Thanks for sharing so many helpful tips.

  16. I will definitely be referring back to your blog the next time I travel. So useful!

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