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WPC – Parque del Amor in Lima, Peru


Of all the things I expected to see in Peru, a huge statue of two people rolling around and making out was not one of them.  And yet, the statue (called “El Beso”, or “The Kiss”) in Parque del Amor (“Park of Love”) is one of Lima’s most popular attractions.  You’ll find it on the seaside path in Miraflores, which is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch, rollerblading, cycling or jogging.  Visit at sunrise or sunset to join the crowds of cuddling couples taking in some of the city’s best views.  In the spirit of this week’s photo challenge, I want to know what is the strangest “romantic” spot you’ve seen while you’re traveling?


Mealtime Monday – Soup to Start

Vegetable and corn soup in Peru

I know there is research out there that suggests starting your meal with a broth-based soup can lead you to eat 10% fewer calories overall during that meal.  It’s nice, then, that so many healthy vegan and vegetarian restaurants offer a fixed-price lunch menu that starts with soup or salad before offering a main course and dessert.

When I was traveling in Peru, I oddly found that Lima was the most challenging place to find good vegetarian food.  Fortunately there was a restaurant called El AlmaZen near my hostel, and on my last day in Lima my schedule aligned with their opening hours so I was able to enjoy their lunch offerings.  My meal started with this perfect bowl of soup, full of noodles, fresh herbs, onions and a huge piece of corn with the largest kernals I’d ever seen!  It was just what I needed to warm up in the Peruvian winter (remember, July and August are winter in Peru!) and it certainly inspired a number of broth-based soups in my own kitchen when I returned home.  If you’re a vegetarian in Lima Peru, you have got to head out to Miraflores for lunch at El AlmaZen!

WPC: Water in Motion in Lima, Peru

Magic Water Circuit Lima

In a rather plain park in an untouristy neighbourhood just outside of downtown Lima, you can find one of the city’s most popular attractions: the Magic Water Circuit.  There are a few different fountains throughout this park, and the highlight is the evening show featuring fountains and lights choreographed to traditional Peruvian music.  Time Magazine calls it “surprisingly awesome”, I call it the only picture of motion I could think of to share with you.

WPC: Minimalist in Parque Salazar, Miraflores

parque salazar lima

A grey day in Lima, Peru.  A few blocks from El Parque del Amor, with its gigantic sculpture of embracing lovers.  This minimalist statue is most unexpected, but most appreciated.  Who needs kisses when you’ve got concrete?

Mealtime Monday: Mochaccino

choco museum lima

It was just one of those days, where breakfast is a a quick piece of fresh bread with butter and jam in the hostel kitchen, and lunch is whatever you find as you’re wandering around the city at 2:00 pm and your stomach starts to grumble.  In this case, lunch was a single chocolate truffle and a mochaccino that took almost half an hour for the barista to concoct.  We weren’t sure if she’d gone to the back of the ChocoMuseo Barranco location and roasted us some cacao beans fresh, or if the milk had to be freshly squeezed out of a Peruvian cow, but this was, without a doubt, the longest I’d ever waited for a cup of milky-sweet, chocolate-caffeine goodness.  I ended up buying a souvenir bottle of pisco with cacao and coffee bean granules floating inside (still unopened, unsurprisingly) and a bar of dark chocolate with pieces of crushed coffee beans (long since consumed) while I waited; perhaps that was all part of the plan.